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Winter/spring break Ages 8-12

When there are extended breaks from school, it’s game on at RedZone. Winter and Spring Break camps offer a multi-day football experience with extended session lengths and featuring a wide variety of on field and classroom type football activities. They sell out every year, so be on the lookout and act quick when they’re available.

football school ages 8-12

When there’s a weekday with no school, look to RedZone to fill the void. We specifically target these holidays and random no school days to offer an all-day football experience like no other. Instead of math, science, and spelling—it’s offense, defense, and special teams in addition to classroom like activities that offer other engaging ways to experience the game.

backyard ball Ages 10-14

Backyard Ball is a multi-day competitive camp experience where players will compete as individuals to accrue passing, receiving, and defensive points in a custom game format. Teams will change frequently in this program that serves as a mini-season for players to get a high volume of reps and plays.


The Next In Line football camp is a cooperative venture between RedZone & Playmaker Events. It features players from current NCAA programs that were former stars at Iowa high schools that come together to teach Iowa’s next generation of football stars looking to follow in their footprints. 

assessments Ages 12-16

Assessments are offered in the spring for players perform fundamental drills that are filmed at their preferred position or skills. Our staff reviews the reps and provides feedback to guide areas of focus for continued improvement. Players also get access to view their clips.


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