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Team up your coaching expertise & passion with RedZone!

Do you love this game and helping kids reach their full potential as an athlete and a person? RedZone is extending an open invitation for coaches to connect with our network of players looking to level up.


From our standard sessions designed for broad development of simple fundamentals and game awareness to premium skill and position-specific training for individuals or small groups, we can help you do more of what you love without having to start from scratch.


This training allows coaches to teach in a vacuum without some challenges of doing so in a team setting. You don’t have to call any plays, manage playing time, or game plan for an opponent. It’s all 'indy' time!

By joining forces with RedZone, you can expand your coaching opportunities while impacting the next generation of the game. You'll also get: 

  • Access to a diverse clientele of motivated athletes actively seeking personalized coaching

  • Use our catalog of drills and host our base sessions or set the parameters and curriculum on your own

  • Flexible scheduling and payment options, great for teacher-coaches with their summer off

  • Marketing and administrative support

There is no set formula or box that these coaching engagements must fit into. Every arrangement can be set up on a case-by-case basis, though most will be part-time & temporary work. To inquire about becoming a part of the RedZone team, complete the form below or contact us direct.

or contact us at  |  319-358-2926

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