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RedZone camps and training operate on a punch card enrollment plan that offers tremendous attendance flexibility and value for families with busy schedules and multiple participants. Unless otherwise noted, regular sessions cost 1 credit per player and can be joined on a drop-in basis without prior notice or registration. While regular attendance is encouraged for the most effective development, these sessions are designed for participants to join any time. Attending all of the sessions in a particular programming block aren't necessary for a participant to benefit from the training.


Some of our more premium programs may have a pre-registration or a 'must sign up for all sessions' requirement. There may also be extended length sessions that cost more than 1 credit to attend. See below for punch card credit rates, terms, and frequently answered questions.

6 months
6 months
1 year
1 year

If you have credits on file already, you may transfer them here also

Frequently Answered Questions

What are the payment options for punch card credits? You can pay for punch card credits in several ways. For online payments through the TeamSnap software, a third-party processing fee of 3.25% + $1.50 per transaction will apply. To avoid these fees, choose 'more payment options' and select 'pay by cash' in the TeamSnap software. After completing the registration, make a payment via the following options:

  • Venmo (our favorite!). Send payment to user @RedZoneFootball, use PIN 0494 if requested

  • Credit card over the phone at 319-358-2926

  • Check, credit, or cash in person at your participant's first session

Do punch card credits expire? This depends on how many you purchase. Credits purchased in quantities of 1 or 4 will expire in 6 months. Credits purchased in quantities of 8 or 12 will expire in 1 year. Credits purchased in quantities of 25 or 50 will never expire. Credits purchased prior to the transition to the TeamSnap software will also never expire.

Which camps or training sessions can my player attend with punch card credits?

Participants can join most of our camp sessions with punch card credits. Be sure to check the suggested age range for the groups and contact us for approval if you wish to send a player outside of the range. 

Do we have pre-register for specific dates/sessions our camper is going to attend? Generally, no! Most of our sessions run on a drop-in basis unless noted in the program details that a pre-registration is required.

How many credits does a session cost?

Most of our regular sessions (75-90 minutes) cost one credit to attend. Some of our more premium programs may have a 'must sign up for all sessions'  and pre-registration requirement. There may also be extended length sessions that cost more than 1 credit to attend. These instances will be noted in the program details.


Will we receive a physical punch card? No. The punch card is a virtual account. We take attendance manually at each session and update punch balances accordingly.


How do I check my punch card balance?  View this Google doc to see punch card credit balances. If you wish not to have your balance posted in the forum, please notify our office.

How will I receive camp communications and other updates? Upon completion of a punch card registration through the TeamSnap software, any contacts listed on your player's profile will receive semi-regular updates about our camp & training programs. We'll also send text and/or email notices when there are changes in the schedule due to weather or other reasons.

Can more than one of my children draw from the same account? Yes. Punch card credits may be used by any participants living in the same household. If you already have an account started, choose the 'add a sibling' option when registering a subsequent child.

Are there any programs that these punch card credits are NOT valid for? Punch card credits are not valid for any league programs, club teams, 7v7 tournaments, or camps run in partnership with other organizations. 

Where are camps located and do my credits work for more than one location? Punch card credits are valid anywhere we host camp/training sessions. We host these sessions in a variety of locations. Check the session details to see where you can join us.

What should my player bring to camp? Campers should arrive in activewear and with something to drink. Cleats are recommended for outdoor sessions, but not required. It is suggested to wear or bring along tennis shoes for any indoor sessions as some facilities have turf that is not fit for cleats. Additionally, players may bring other optional equipment such as mouth guards and football gloves.

Is there something we've missed? Contact our office with further questions about punch card enrollment.

319-358-2926  •


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